We help in launching brands, experiential events and brand activations every week and have for decades. In our creative studios, we bring to life concepts and visions for a wide range of clientele in the industries of entertainment, social media, corporate, and non-profit and charity, special event companies, experiential companies, marketing agencies, an many more.

Because we create special event signage and components, we are always on the cusp of new and exciting types of brand expression. Over the last several years, experiential events and pop-up events have become a trend that has lasted. Brands are looking beyond the typical photo- booths, DJ’s, ball pits and gift bag tchotchke.

We have seen a precipitous increase in the demand for “dimensional event signage” that has that “oh, wow” factor. From hand sculpted sculptures to 3D printed components to immersive environments, event professionals and branding agencies are upping their game. We’ve also seen an industry wide scope increase in the size of special event signage. Longer step-and-repeats, taller step-and-repeats, dimensional letters on step-and-repeats, dimensional backdrops and dimensional stage backdrops.

Here is a great example of a dimensional backdrop with dimensional signage. We fabricated this piece in-house out of plywood and CNC routed signs with UV flatbed printing on top out of 1″ PVC. The entire structure was wrapped in printed fabric for the backdrop display.

As a fully operational sign manufacturer and large format printer, our capabilities are extensive. Our team not only works with creators and designers, we also have the benefit of designing event signs and installing event signs at venues. The value of working with a print company and sign company as a “one-stop” simplifies project management and execution. This also results in higher quality products that have knowledgeable oversight from concept to activation.

Here is an example of a collaborative project between multiple teams:

Having worked in the entertainment industry over the last 20 years, we’ve come to know and work with the best-of-the-best in special events, event planning and national corporations launching products. That means we have access to and work with other related companies that have special abilities in our field. Our trusted partners and skilled craft makers bring years of specialty sign making abilities. Working in a team environment, helps us move faster and more efficient in meeting deadlines, but also provides the benefit of having “many eyes” on your project.

Sometimes we get asked to design, fabricate and install components for unique story telling. A recent example of an engaging event activation was a Lenticular Wall. A lenticular display is a type of visual display technology that uses lenticular lenses to create images with an illusion of depth, motion, or the ability to change or morph as the viewing angle changes. The dynamic and interactive nature of lenticular displays can capture and hold viewers’ attention more effectively than static images. Here is an example of (2) messages being delivered from different angles:

Lenticular displays are a powerful tool in visual communication, leveraging optical principles to create engaging and memorable visual experiences.

Another trend we have seen over the last few years is a punch-up in key art advertising. Key art is a critical element in marketing and branding, particularly in the entertainment industry. It encompasses the primary visual representation of a media product, such as a film, television show, video game, or theater production. With large format printing in fabric displays becoming more standard and affordable in the event industry, we have seen an increase in branding entire event spaces, event venues and pop-up events with large key art encompassing the target audience. Here is an example of a single 8 foot x 20 foot fabric backdrops with multiple key art imagery:

Combining key elements in brand activations has also been popular. It’s a cool era we live in where you can mash-up add digital signs, printed signs, floral arrangements, 3-D projections, dimensional signs, static imagery using multiple mediums. Here is a fun example of a mixed-medium backdrop we recently made:

We’ve also seen luxury brands staging more interactive branding with engaging their target audience. These present great opportunities for spreading their brand by offering photo opportunities that are immersive. This type of experiential marketing invites the target audience to engage with a luxury brand, often resulting in a downstream social media benefit. It also makes those engaged feel special in the overture the brand is presenting. Here is an example of a luxury brand reaching out to potential customers with a unique and engaging experience.

In conclusion, the experiential marketing and experiential event experiences are a growing part of the event and branding industry. We hope you found this article informative and useful in making your next event more engaging!

Mark Allen

COO of Step and Repeat.com and American Signs