10 foot tall step and repeat backdrops are all the rage lately! OK, so you want to go BIG? Here’s the lowdown on 10 foot tall displays.

For Step and Repeats, the industry standard height has been 7.5 feet to 8 feet for decades. There is a good reason for that height as the National Building Code (NBC), the standard ceiling height is ninety-six inches, or eight feet. So you want your Step and Repeat backdrop to fit in the room and not bump the ceiling. Makes sense, but what if your in an event ballroom, stadium or at an outside event, movie premier or festival? 10 foot tall backdrops are good choice for branding large spaces that can handle the height. We have seen more requests for this height over the last couple of years than any other time and 10 foot tall backdrops seem to be only gaining in popularity. We are also seeing demand for 10 foot tall backdrops that are 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet and upwards of 30 feet wide.

Keep in mind that this is a custom size and there are some considerations to ponder. Here are a few of the key points for a grand-format step and repeat to consider:

  • Make sure that your ceiling height can accommodate the height
  • 10 foot tall step and repeat walls and backdrops should ideally be made in fabric. Vinyl is available, but shipping, handling and installation of vinyl rolls are far more cumbersome than fabric. Unfurling and folding 10 foot fabric step and repeats is just like folding and unfolding a large blanket. It’s easy with two people and very manageable.
  • Attaching the fabric to the frame is manageable with the frame laying down for the initial installation. Once it’s vertical, you won’t be able to reach the top. So you’ll want to make a snug fit first. The good news is they are made with generous 2 inch loop Velcro sewn into the fabric and hook Velcro on the frame.
  • As with all step and repeat sizes, you’ll want to consider the weather. If you’re in a super windy location, you’re going to need some weight on the frame. We’ve used simple sand bags over the years and they work perfect. Interior 10 foot tall backdrop displays require less.

What are some of the reasons to use a 10 foot tall backdrop?

One of the main reasons we have seen lately and the most practical are 10 foot fabric stage backdrops. This elevates the branding above the audience that are seated or standing and creates a branded focal point. Stage backdrops and stage step and repeats are especially useful for discussion panels, keynote speakers, award ceremonies and press briefings.

10x15 fabric step and repeat backdrop
10×15 fabric backdrop

Often the artwork on the backdrop will compliment the overall theme of the event and promote the main focus, topics and sponsorship of the event a friendly and comprehensive way. We’ve also seen an increase in QR codes being placed on stage walls and backdrops as an easy way to capture more information without plastering it all over the wall. Hashtags are also a popular choice.

Here are some more reasons why 10 foot tall backdrops have become useful and popular lately

  • Visual Impact: The sheer size of a 10-foot tall backdrop provides a significant visual statement. It creates a commanding presence at any event, ensuring that branding elements or thematic visuals are prominently displayed and hard to miss.
  • Professional Appearance: Large backdrops are often associated with high-profile events like award shows, premieres, and professional conferences. Using one elevates the perceived quality of an event, suggesting a level of professionalism and attention to detail that can impress attendees and sponsors alike.
  • Enhanced Photography: At many events, photography is a crucial element, whether it’s for professional media coverage or attendees sharing their experience on social media. A tall backdrop ensures that backgrounds in photos look intentional and clean, improving the quality of both formal and casual photographs.
  • Branding Opportunities: A 10-foot tall backdrop provides ample space for branding, allowing for the inclusion of multiple logos, detailed graphics, and larger visual elements that are visible even in wide shots or from a distance. This makes it ideal for sponsorships where multiple logos need visibility.
  • Room Scale and Decoration: In large venues, smaller backdrops can get lost in the scale of the room. A 10-foot tall backdrop can match the proportion of spacious venues, filling vertical space effectively and becoming part of the event decor.
  • Functional Benefits: Beyond aesthetics, tall backdrops can be used to delineate spaces within larger venues, create a focus area for speeches or presentations, or hide less attractive elements of a venue from public view.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Tall and visually striking backdrops tend to attract attendees, encouraging them to take photos and share their experiences on social media. This interaction can enhance attendee engagement and extend the event’s reach to online audiences.
  • Increased Visibility for Participants: For events involving speakers, performers, or presenters, a 10-foot backdrop ensures that the focal point is elevated. It helps maintain audience focus on the intended subject by framing them within a controlled and branded visual field.

If you got this far, thanks for reading our blog on 10 foot tall step and repeat walls! We hope it was informative.

Author: Mark Allen / COO at www.stepandrepeat.com