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What is a Step and Repeat?

Good question! A step and Repeat is a backdrop with sponsor logos at a red carpet event. The purpose of a step and repeat is to capture noteworthy or Celebrity individuals with sponsor logos behind them. Originally coined by, a step and repeat is a photographic term for the celebrities “stepping onto the carpet, having their photo taken, exiting the red carpet and repeating the process with additional celebrities or noteworthy individuals” it is also known as a Photoshop term for copy and pasting similar images, which conveniently is a process that is used to create step and repeat graphics.

Nowadays there are several types of Step and Repeat systems. The most basic economy version is a pipe and drape, which is bag of poles with vinyl draped over it. It requires onsite assembly and is a fine system for bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and small parties. In surveying professional photographers over the last 15 years, the general consensus is they do not prefer this system as it is often wrinkled and you can see the poles in the pictures.

We use a professional system that eliminates the headache of assembly and provides a nice taught backdrop. Withoutpoles showing, it allows the photographer to take nice full-body shots of each individual. Our frames are bulletproof, easy to transport and should last for several years.

There are basically (3) types of step and repeat materials:

1) Vinyl: this is the cheapest option and is utilized primarily for Step and Repeats that have multiple sponsors that are specific to that event and usually is only used once. It can also be recycled.

2) Fabric: This is a great option for a luxurious looking Step and Repeat. It used for "perennial" Step and Repeats that have one or two logos and will get multiple use throughout the year. An added benefit is that it can live on the frame for easy storage. Many of our customers travel extensively and enjoy the the portability and ease of this system. If camera flash glare is an issue, fabric has the least amount of reflection available, near zero.

3) Hard Panels: We are known for our hard panel system. Each panel is 5 ft wide and 8 ft tall. We Daisey-Chain them together upwards of 100 feet long. They are a matte foam board with a hard plastic fascia. Each one is UV flatbed printed,so they are scratch proof and each logo or image is embossed directly on the board. Great for Movie premiers and any event where you want a perfectly flat, wrinkle free wall. Photographers love shooting them and they look elegant in any environment. A good choice for any event with A-list talent or a must have perfect photo.


We are the originators of the Step and Repeat industry. Family owned and operated with a base in the heart of Hollywood we've been serving entertainment companies, PR companies, Fortune 500 companies and non profits for over 15 years. It is what we do. Before launching our family business American Signs had been serving the business community since 1983 and still does today. With the advent of Large format printing in the 90's becoming more affordable for the general public, we started to diversify and offer quality print at reasonable pricing. The trend caught on and now Step and Repeats are a fixture at events internationally.

Having worked with every major movie studio, we've become a trusted source for quality event signage. As all of our work is done in-house, our turnaround times are the best in the industry. We ship nationwide and offer local service.

It is important to know why step and repeats work and what makes them effective. We speak to the photographers that go to these events every week and ask for their feedback. They are there to capture a great photo and that's how they make a living. If the backdrop isn't perfect, they lose. So with that in mind, we set out to create a system that is "Wireimage orGetty image" quality. For some of our customers, that one picture of a noteworthy person with their logo can make a huge difference for their business, charity or social media campaign.

Looking at modern media today, it is hard to avoid a step and repeat picture daily on TV, twitter, the internet and instagram. We know the impact our product makes and it's become a media mainstay. A well done step and repeat is a "money maker" whether it's sponsorship money, brand awareness or just that special picture with a noteworthy person with your logo behind them.

Reach out to our team of professionals and see for yourself what a difference we can make for your next event.

Step and Repeats in Action

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Lights, Cameras, action! Just like the set of a movie, there is a lot of preparation for an action packed scene on a Step and Repeat. There aren't any cuts or take twos, it has to be just right for that special moment. We've crafted the art of having a photo-quality backdrop picture perfect for every event. We have a team of professionals at the ready for local events and only use the finest materials in our production and rentals.Our portable system is designed as an easy self-set-up in minutes. Tried and tested for over 12 years nationwide, our framing and print is trusted by thousands of loyal customers. Because we engage in events daily, our team of professionals understands how important it is to have a smooth and seamless set-up at your event.

“... the communications were quick and responsive, he answered all of my questions, guided me through each step, helping with the design of our press wall, choosing the appropriate size and weight”

“... the step and repeat provided by was undoubtedly the best I have worked with. The method provides quality, durable material that can withstand the elements without getting wrinkled or creased”

“... the communications were quick and responsive, he answered all of my questions, guided me through each step, helping with the design of our press wall, choosing the appropriate size and weight”

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