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Step and Repeat Services

What is a Step-and-Repeat?

The term originates from two sources. The first is the action of having talent “step” onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers, and leave, while the next person follows and “repeats” the process. The second source originates from graphic designers who would create an image and repeat it in Photoshop. Overall, it refers to a wall that has sponsor logos on it for advertising and capturing photos of celebrities or noteworthy people to be used in media outlets in film, television, social media, magazines, websites, and product or corporate advertisements.

Where are Step-and-Repeats used?

  • Red Carpet Events: In the entertainment industry, step and repeat backdrops are commonly seen at events like movie premieres, award shows, and celebrity parties. Celebrities and attendees pose in front of these backdrops for photographs, with the repeated branding or sponsor logos providing visibility and promotion.
  • Media and Press Walls: Step and repeat walls are used by media outlets during interviews and press conferences. The repetition of logos or event branding in the background ensures that the event or sponsor is prominently featured in media coverage.
  • Event Branding: They are used at corporate events, product launches, trade shows, and exhibitions to reinforce branding and messaging. The repetitive design creates a professional and branded atmosphere.
  • Photobooths: Step and repeat designs are also popular in photobooth setups at weddings, parties, and corporate events. Guests can take photos in front of these backgrounds, creating memorable keepsakes.
  • Advertising: In marketing and advertising, step and repeat banners and displays are used at promotional events, trade shows, and expos to draw attention to products or services.
  • Private Events: Step and Repeats have become a mainstay at private events that want to create keepsake memories and splashy private photo opportunities
  • Trade Shows: Step and repeat backdrops for corporate branding and large tradeshow promoters and advertisers have become a requirement for branding and social media promotion
  • Special occasions: the trend is growing for having step and repeats at special occasions like birthday parties, wedding backdrops, retirement parties, quinceañera, DJ booths, club parties, super bowl and sporting events, award show parties, holiday party backdrops, book signing backdrops


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    Wrap party step and repeat

    What are the different types of Step-and-Repeats?

    Since we started the industry over 20 years ago, there have been many different versions of a Step and Repeat in both print and frames. The old pipe-and-drape systems from the 90’s are still in use today and are the most basic economy option. Our system of choice is a professional frame that is expandable and collapsible. We originally designed our system to be the best for professional photographers and listened closely to what worked best for their profession in getting the perfect picture every time.  

    That said we do accommodate all of the new and unique versions of a step and repeat and the various modern frame types. Here are some of the frame types we offer: 

    • Pop-up frames, hop-up frames 
    • Pillow case step and repeats
    • Scenic flats 
    • Trade show frames
    • Hedge walls 
    • Curved Step and Repeats 
    • SEG Frames 
    Custom fabric Step and Repeat backdrop with dimensional letters

    What are the different types of Step-and-Repeat materials?


    Our facilities have the capability to print on a wide range of materials and substrates to fit each need for event signs and Step and Repeats. They range from budget-friendly to bespoke. Generally speaking, most step and repeats will fall into the fabric or vinyl options. Fabric is easier to travel with and overall the best option for higher-end events along with high reusability. Vinyl is the more economical version which is a great option for one-off events. All of our materials are of the highest quality and time-tested for durability, ease of installation and eye appeal. 

    • Fabric  
    • Vinyl 
    • Foamboard 
    • Canvas 
    • Specialty substrates: Perforated vinyl 

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