Grand Format Printing

Grand Format Printing Services

What is grand format printing?


Grand-format printing, also known as wide-format printing or large-format printing, refers to print jobs that require specialized printing equipment that can handle larger print sizes than the standard commercial printing presses. This type of printing is typically used for materials that will be viewed from a distance, such as step and repeat banners, posters, wall murals, trade show graphics, wallpapers, backdrops, outdoor signage, banners and more…




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What types of Grand Format Printing materials?

The sky is the limit, but here are some common examples of the types of materials that are grand format printed:

  • Vinyl Signs
  • Fabric Signs
  • SEG Signs
  • PVC sheet signs
  • Adhesive Vinyl signs
  • Poster Paper Print
  • Wheat Paste Poster Print
  • Static Cling Print
  • Canvas Print


What types of results?

Grand-format printers are known for their versatility in handling a wide range of materials with spectacular results:

  1. UV print: All of our grand-format printers use an Ultraviolet curing process. The quality is the best available throughout the printing industry
  2. Photo quality: Our printers are calibrated to print at a photo-realistic level and produce scaled images with exceptional quality
  3. Seamless: The width of our grand-format-printers allow us to print seamlessly widths up to 10 feet wide
  4. Durability: The prints are highly durable and resistant to fading, moisture, and abrasion, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  5. Eco-Friendly: UV inks release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment compared to solvent-based inks.
  6. Instant Curing: UV inks dry instantly when exposed to UV light, which significantly reduces production times and allows for faster turnaround on projects.
  7. Flexible Coloration: With UV printing, custom colors can be created and matched precisely, which is beneficial for brand consistency across different print materials.

      These advantages make UV grand format printing a preferred method for producing large-scale advertising, branding, and decorative materials that require high quality, durability, and versatility.



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